IMG_5815Celia is a well rounded individual, with a wide variety of skills and talents. Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, Celia has been exposed to the world of design and fashion from a young age. She’s inspired by the never ending possibilities design can bring and strives to create the best content she can to reflect whatever story it is she wants to tell. She continues to refine her skills in multimedia as well as keeping herself up to date on the latest news in the design world.

In addition, Celia has the ability to feel comfortable and confident in any environment she’s thrown into. In the spring of her sophomore year, she transferred from a small school in North Carolina to the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities: a big 10 school with a whopping 60,000 students. Despite starting over in a new community mid-year, she was able to dive into her major, join the equestrian team, and be elected for an executive board position in Alpha Phi Omega (a co-ed service fraternity) for the upcoming semester all while juggling a part-time job and maintaining a 3.5 GPA.