Virtual Store: Mock Shop

My store is a boutique shop located on a lavender farm in Oregon. On the farm there are also Llamas, hence the name of the store: Lucky Llama Lavender Farm. The store has a country chic feel to go with the fact that it is on a farm. The floors are white barn wood and the walls are a pale blue color. I chose this because I wanted colors that would complement the lavender products, but not compete with it as they are the center of attention. My store features mostly products such as food, skin/body care and other trinkets that go with the location. Due to this, I did not use a lot of clothing racks and relied more heavily on shelving units to display my merchandise. The few clothing racks I did have were for shirts, tank tops and sweatshirts with the lucky lavender farm logo on them. Near the register I have a table with some of the more trinket like merchandise, such as cards and stuffed animals to encourage impulse buys when people walk in. I’ve put the food items at the front of the store as I’m hoping people will come in after visiting the farm for a couple hours and be hungry. This will encourage them to pick up the food as it will be the first thing they see. I wanted to go with a freeform floor plan because I want customers to be able to move through the store freely and jump from section to section. I’ve also felt it necessary to include a seating area with a table, so people can eat the food they buy right away if they please.

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